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Reliable Home Wi-Fi: Access Routers Vs. Traditional Networks


A brief guide to improving your home Wi-Fi when multiple people are using the Internet at once.

These days, more people than ever are working from home. One piece of successful remote work is having a stable and reliable home Wi-Fi connection. This is critical if you share your Truckee, CA, home with more than one remote worker: perhaps a spouse or some roommates. 

When the Internet is acting slow, many people think, I’ll just leave it alone for a bit and come back. Or, maybe if I unplug the router and then plug it back in, it will work better. But these solutions won’t work if the network is overcrowded or lacking the right bandwidth. How can you improve this situation for a smoother home office experience?


What Kind of Home WiFi Network Do I Need?


The More Time You Spend at Home, the More Reliable Your WiFi Needs to Be

The strength and reliability of your home’s WiFi signal are essential for running a modern household.

To connect your home entertainment, smart lighting, security systems, and your mobile devices, you’re going to need a home network that can withstand a lot of activity all at once.

As many of us now find ourselves working from home, and perhaps having our kids engaged in remote learning too, we need to make sure everyone in the house can have reliable access to the internet so that we can all complete our tasks.

Our clients in Truckee, CA, rely on us to install home networks that allow for the smooth operation of all their online devices and interconnected systems.

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