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When Your Router Isn’t Enough: Custom Home Network Installations


Supercharge Your Internet Connection with Wires, Switches, and Upgraded Firmware  

Unless you live in an apartment or tiny home with only a couple of devicesyou’re going to need an internet upgrade! Larger houses with computers, smartphones, smart TVs, and automated devices send and receive a lot of data. Wi-Fi dead zones and dropped connections are frustrating to no end, but luckily, you aren’t stuck with subpar internet forever  

A custom systems designer, like Hood Branco, installs home networks that reach every corner of your home. A professional home network installation is much more involved than plugging in a router, but the benefits are hard to miss.   

If you’re tired of poor Wi-Fi connections in your Lake Tahoe, CA, home, discover how our approach to design and installation will enhance the way you work and entertain 

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Home Networks: The Basics  

A “home network” simply refers to a group of devices connected to the internet. There are two ways to approach connectivity: over a wired network with cables or a wireless network 

To upgrade your home network, you need to understand the hardware that makes it all happen. Your modem connects your internet service provider (ISP) to your home, converting analog data into digital. The router sends data to devices in your house, either through wires or wirelessly. Ethernet cables connect devices to the internet, and switches can turn one ethernet cable into several. With switches, you can link multiple wired electronics to the internet without clogging the network.  

Designing a Surefire Network  

We find that a mix of wired and wireless networks is the most reliable way to meet internet needs in large-scale residences. For instance, a TV that relies on stable internet to stream Netflix or Hulu would be best suited with a wired connection. A home office with a desktop computer could also benefit from wired connectivity. But laptops and tablets obviously need strong Wi-Fi across the house for you to move freely while staying online.  

If it isn’t possible to extend wires to hard-to-reach rooms, we’ll instead connect ethernet cables to wireless access points (WAP), which extends the Wi-Fi signal range further. The WAP allows you to connect technology wirelessly that previously wouldn’t have been in range.  

We’ll create even layers within the network to avoid bottlenecks and traffic. By upgrading router firmware, we manually prioritize devices and services to ensure, for instance, your work computer is connected first.   

Looking for Better Wi-Fi in North & South Lake Tahoe?  

It’s great to unplug and enjoy the beautiful California nature, but everyone needs a fast and reliable internet connection. Contact Hood BrancoLake Tahoe’s premier home network installer, to design a custom solution for your home. We look forward to helping you soon!

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