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What Kind of Home WiFi Network Do I Need?


The More Time You Spend at Home, the More Reliable Your WiFi Needs to Be

The strength and reliability of your home’s WiFi signal are essential for running a modern household.

To connect your home entertainment, smart lighting, security systems, and your mobile devices, you’re going to need a home network that can withstand a lot of activity all at once.

As many of us now find ourselves working from home, and perhaps having our kids engaged in remote learning too, we need to make sure everyone in the house can have reliable access to the internet so that we can all complete our tasks.

Our clients in Truckee, CA, rely on us to install home networks that allow for the smooth operation of all their online devices and interconnected systems.

Your Home Automation Is Only as Good as Your WiFi

It won’t matter how high-tech your smart entertainment system is or how new your computer is; if they can’t efficiently access the internet or talk to each other, they’re not really worth much.

Your home network is going to need to generate a WiFi signal that is strong and reliable. If you have decided to install a smart home automation system, you’re going to need WiFi products that provide a little more than the standard router given to you by your internet service provider.

Ruckus: A New Approach to Home WiFi

That’s why we recommend products like Ruckus. Their hardware has been specifically designed to handle smart automation devices that adapt to changes in the environment and extend the range of your WiFi signal.

By strategically placing their wireless access points throughout your home, you’ll be able to have a strong internet signal anywhere in the house and one that will reach into your backyard as well. Ruckus has a design that automatically connects your devices to the strongest access point, ensuring you’ll always have the best wireless signal.

Their products are also able to block neighboring network interference. That is to say, if there are other networks in close proximity, they won’t interfere with your network, and you’ll still receive an undisturbed signal.

How Do I Know Exactly What Kind of WiFi I Need?

By consulting with our team of installation designers, we can help you determine how strong of a WiFi signal you require by measuring the dimensions of your home and taking into account the number of devices you own and operate.

And if you’re planning on adding more systems to your smart home network, a technician will be able to analyze the kind of signal you will need once he takes a look at the specs of your future devices.

One of our installers might recommend that you upgrade or demonstrate how certain products will interact differently given your home’s specific layout.

Contact Us Today

If you think your WiFi signal could use an upgrade or you want to fully integrate your home’s smart devices, contact us here or give us a call at (855) 632-6272. We would love to hear from you!

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