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How Voice Control Improves Your Home Life


You’ve heard of Google Voice and Alexa. Introducing Hood Branco’s unique and customizable voice control with improved features.

Many modern “smart homes” employ voice control, which is essentially a virtual assistant that lives inside a speaker or other electronic medium. As the name implies, you can use your voice to instruct your “smart device” to play music, games, TV shows, or look up information using Google. The possibilities are truly endless. With professionally installed voice control, you can be in control of your home or access entertainment with very little effort at all.

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The Convenience Of Voice Control At Home

Lest you be tempted to believe that voice control is a device for lazy people, consider this: multitasking has never been easier when you’re in the middle of washing dishes or doing other tasks that use your hands. You can use voice control to call a relative without having to move away from the sink. If you’re carrying a large load of laundry, you can use voice control to turn on the lights in another room without having to set anything down.

The convenience of voice control is nice, but it’s especially helpful for those with mobility issues or other disabilities that make it hard to get up constantly. And with, you can control mutliple functionalities at once. Say, “Turn on the lights and start the music,” and your Josh system handles both commands with ease.


Use Technology To Reduce Clutter

In what feels like another lifetime, playing music or TV shows required large, bulky equipment. These days, smart devices can stream music, TV shows, audio books, and more with just a simple command. No more obtrusive technology taking up space in your living room. In fact, the aptly named Josh Micro takes up less than two inches on the wall.


Customize Your Technology To Understand You

Smart technology like Google Voice or Alexa has the ability to understand human language, but sometimes certain nuances can get lost in communication. You may have a unique way of pronouncing certain words, or an accent that the technology doesn’t quite understand. While Alexa and Google Voice can be customized to understand your voice, it’s still common for these technologies to mishear certain requests or trigger responses that are not what you intended. voice control is different. While no technology system is perfect, our equipment involves high quality technology that provides increased clarity and power. Josh’s natural language processing capabilities decode regional accents, implied requests and more. And Josh devices know which room they’re in, so when you say “lights off” in the kitchen, it won’t affect any illumination in your living room.


Set Up Your Voice Control Today

Ready to upgrade your sound system or smart device? Hood Branco has innovative solutions to add convenience to your home or office space in Truckee, Sacramento, and the Bay Area. Call us today to learn more about our voice control services.

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