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Transform Your Home With Automated Lighting Controls


All the Ways Lighting Automation Can Elevate Your California Living Experience  

Light is the silent actor in every scene of our lives. We need it to work and to play, to read and study. It follows us where we go but sometimes escapes us. It can be too bright or too dim, and the color of it can affect our moods. For ages, we've used artificial light in our homes when we could not experience the sun's natural rays, and it's served us well. But now, in the time of home automation, we can take this modern convenience a step further with automated lighting controls and elevate our living experience in our Granite Bay homes even more.  

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Convenient Lighting in the Palm of Your Hand 

The obvious reason to install lighting controls as part of your home automation system is convenience. If you're like many, one of your least favorite chores is turning off lights at night and turning them on in the daytime. Sure, a few rooms are no big deal, but managing a large home, maybe a pool house or cottage as well? That can be a hassle. And if you don't keep track of your lights, you can run up your electric bill needlessly.  

But with a lighting control system, you can see every light in your home on one simple interface. You can also adjust the lighting on and off, dim, even set lighting schedules. This kind of control takes all the hassle out of managing the lights in your home and lets you manage other things, like getting a good night's sleep. 

Upgrade Your Security Lighting  

Of course, no security system is worth its salt without a sound lighting system to go with it. Motion-sensing security lighting on the corner of homes might be enough to scare off a few animals or a skittish uninvited guest. Still, they hardly provide the level of security you need to keep every corner of your home safe. Lighting controls allow you to install scheduled lighting outside in and inside your home, along with motion-sensing lighting as well. Maybe there isn't a security issue but a burst pipe inside your home. With lighting controls, if an alarm is sent to your device, you can also program your lighting controls to come on, so you can see the emergency remotely if you are away. And that's the kind of lighting controls that can take your home security up a notch.  

Convenient Wireless Control 

You might be thinking that this type of elaborate system is for homes that are being built, but retrofitting your home for a lighting control system is easy with wireless controls. Plus, wireless lighting and sensors don’t have the restraints of hardwired devices that must land in specific places, so you have flexibility to install sensors in switches in almost any location that can receive the wireless signal.  

Not to mention that all the labor and cost of installing low voltage wiring are eliminated. Plus, it’s easier to scale should you want to adapt and expand your system, which is a big bonus if you are expanding your integration capabilities for your home to include your lighting control system. For example, setup will be simple should you decide to install lighting controls in your landscaping or backyard later.  


Find out all the benefits of installing lighting controls in your Granite Bay home today. Contact us at 855-632-6272 or fill out our contact form online to find out more.  

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