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How A Control4 Dealer Enhances Your Home & Lifestyle


Learn why California residents are raving about Control4’s smart automation system.

At Hood Branco Innovations, we specialize in home automation systems that make your life easier. In particular, we are known for being a Control4 dealer that equips your home with intelligently designed electronics and technology, all connected and accessible with a single app. If you work remotely or just love spending time at home, a Control4 dealer helps make your space even more of a sanctuary.

Read on to learn how Hood Branco can personalize and add luxury to your Truckee, California home -- and what makes us good enough to get rewarded for it! 

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One-Touch Lighting For Perfect Settings

We need quality lighting, not just to see, but to maintain good physical and mental health. A Control4 dealer goes above and beyond, creating the perfect ambiance for dinner parties, holiday events, or romantic nights in. We can work with you to create a lighting scene for just about any mood you can think of. Control your lights with a timer, through a beautifully customized keypad, or on your smartphone.


Perfectly Controlled Climate For Ultimate Comfort

Never worry about coming home to a stuffy or freezing house. Customize your ideal settings right on the keypad or app, so you never have to think about it again. Save on your energy bills by having your heat or air conditioning switch off at certain times of the day. You can even adjust these settings from your phone while you’re away to create a comfortable environment for vacationers renting out your space.


Motorized Shades To Save On Energy

These aren’t your average window shades. Made with a uniquely curated fabric to absorb light that would otherwise overheat your home, these curtains are another great way to cut down on energy usage. Choose from a variety of high-end colors and fabrics to match your existing decor and style tastes. 


Winner of a Prestigious Control4 Award at Industry’s Largest Event

“Control4 Circle of Excellence winners Hood Branco Innovations, Inc. continues to be the model of what makes an excellent low voltage integration business. Dwight Branco, Brian Hood, and their staff are true professionals in their field, providing their clients with a top-level experience from design to implementation, and second-to-none customer service. Thank you for being a great partner and an excellent example of a business that many strive to become.”


Upgrade Your Home Today

Ready to increase your comfort and add luxury to your space? Contact us today to work with a Control4 dealer and watch your visions come to life. We can’t wait to work with you.

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