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Why Every Music Lover Needs Whole-Home Audio


Don’t settle for subpar sound quality on a laptop or smartphone. Give your music the whole-home audio treatment. 

Music and movies are essential staples of entertainment for most of us, and whole-home audio is one of the best ways to enjoy them. Hood Branco offers innovative technology for crisp, clear sounds that can be heard and even felt from anywhere in your Granite Bay, California home. The system can be used to play music directly from your phone or any other platform you choose.

Read on to learn more about why all music lovers should invest in whole-home audio.



Upgraded AV Components

Many people don’t know that the quality of their music suffers from sub-par sound systems. Sure, it’s easy to use a laptop, smartphone, or TV to play your music, but if you settle for this, you are missing out on a grander experience! Audio quality can also suffer from a sound system that isn’t customized for the unique space it’s being used for. The truth is that acoustics and room shape are also important when it comes to sound quality. 

When Hood Branco installs whole-home audio, we partner with some of the best electronics companies in the business to make sure the system you end up with is well-suited for the specific needs of your home. Whether your home requires discreet speakers or amplifiers, we’ve got you covered. In the end, the result is the same: better quality music.


The Right Speakers For Your Space

Not all speakers are created equal. Believe it or not, size and placement matter when it comes to the quality of sound you experience. Some people may think it’s best to place speakers at opposite ends of a room, but this doesn’t work for every space. The placement of speakers will depend on your music needs. If you want background music while cooking or for a party, you may be interested in speakers that are placed in the ceiling or walls for wider sound distribution. 

If you want music to be a focal point, a 2-channel stereo system is optimal for an at-home concert experience. This is a perfect option for those who also have media rooms or home theaters. But a whole home audio system lets you listen to high-quality music everywhere you go in your home. Play music, podcasts, or your favorite CDs, records, and even cassette tapes simply by tapping a button on your smart home tablet. Multi-room audio turns your entire home into a sound stage!


Upgrade To Whole-Home Audio Today

Ready to change the way you enjoy music in your home? Contact Hood Branco today to learn more. We can’t wait to work with you. 

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