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Bring Your Smart Home to Life with Lighting Automation!

 A recessed ceiling lighting system illuminating a covered outdoor terrace. 

Smart Lighting Adds Life and Character to Any Space in Your Home 

Have you ever tried working from the living room sofa? It’s comfortable, but not the ideal environment. Or how about relaxing at the home office desk? Not very comfortable, right? It’s because we design each room to accommodate different aspects of our lives. 

The same is true for lighting. When designed and installed correctly, lighting control systems act similarly in creating a unique experience of space that may even change through the day. At Hood Branco, we know that any space looks and feels better under the right light, so lighting automation plays a key role in all our projects across Napa County, CA. 

Here are three ways a fully automated lighting control system enhances the character of every room in your home. 

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A Cinematic Experience

Few rooms rely on lighting automation as much as a home theater, but lights often take a supporting role to AV systems and seating layouts. To achieve a truly cinematic experience at home, a designer must recreate a movie theater’s lighting conditions as far as different spaces allow. 

There are wall sconces to consider, along with recessed ceiling lights, LED strips on every step, and chair task lamps. You may also want ambient lighting for when the room is not in use. Most importantly, these lights should be integrated and automated to respond to voice or touch commands and set the mood for a movie night or weekend marathon at home. 

The Magical Outdoors

Lighting automation transforms backyards into magical experiences you can customize to match a multitude of occasions. During a party, for example, low-voltage path lights guide visitors to a hidden garden, helping them navigate an otherwise difficult path. Automation systems like Control4 let you set different scenes and highlight areas in the courtyard where friends and family like to congregate. 

Even motion sensor lights, which add extra security at home, work best when automated. Is there someone at the door while you are away? Remotely turn the lights on and keep an eye on them through the video doorbell. On quiet, clear nights, you can always turn everything off with a tap, play calming music through your outdoor sound system, and watch the stars to enjoy some well-deserved alone time.  

A Perfect Office at Home

With the rise of remote work, home offices have seen more action over the past several years than ever before. To increase productivity, human-centric lights complement our body’s circadian rhythms by changing hues and intensity throughout the day. So, if you need to work later in the day, program your lights to maintain a white/blue tone to stimulate productivity. As the day comes to a close, your lights can transition to a warm/amber color, preparing your body for a restful night’s sleep. 

Whether it is a highly specialized home theater or a versatile backyard, lighting automation improves the quality of any space. So, if you want to bring your smart home to life, contact our lighting experts and ask how we can help. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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