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Swap Your Portable Speaker for an Outdoor Sound System


Here’s How the Professionals Install Weatherproof Audio

Lake Tahoe is all about outdoor living. As summertime approaches, wouldn’t it be nice to spend time in the yard with family and friends while high-fidelity audio sings through the air?

Most people bring a Bluetooth speaker outside when it’s time to listen to music. But what if the speaker isn’t charged? Or if your phone won’t connect? If you’re hosting a get-together, visitors might not be able to hear your patio speaker over at the pool. If you crank the speaker, those close to it won’t be able to hear each other talk.

Maybe it’s time for another approach. Just like a multi-room audio system, you can bring music across your outdoor spaces with a professional installation. Read on to see how an outdoor sound system works and will enhance your Lake Tahoe, CA-area home.

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Weatherproof All Year Long

Outdoor sound systems require speakers that are not only waterproof but will last for years without corroding in extreme heat, wind, dirt, and cold. An AV integrator (like Hood Branco in Lake Tahoe) will trench cables underground to neatly install your outdoor sound system in the yard. You won’t have to run outside to grab your speakers when it rains—they can stay outside twelve months a year.

Cover Your Lawn in Sound

To enjoy your favorite tunes across your entire property, you’re going to need more than one or two speakers. Filling the open air with audio can be challenging, and you might find yourself out of earshot if you don’t have sufficient coverage.

But we can wire a network of speakers into a single system that you’ll control from one smartphone app. Small satellite speakers, three-way bollards, and a partial-burial subwoofer will deliver high, mid, and low-range frequencies, filling in any audio gaps.

Disguise Speakers Into Landscaping

Some Californians don’t mind the appearance of outdoor speakers. But if you’re going for a more natural appearance, we can disguise outdoor technology with rock speakers, small bullet speakers, and the burial subwoofer. No one will be able to tell where that amazing playlist is coming from when hidden amongst the shrubbery and plants.

Ready to make the most of the California sunshine? With outdoor audio, you’ll spend more time in fresh air than ever. Contact Hood Branco here for an outdoor installation in the Lake Tahoe region. We look forward to assisting you!

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