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Enjoy More Entertainment with Home Theater Installation

A home theater setup with black recliners and a widescreen LED TV with the Avengers movie playing.

Movie nights with friends and family are even better in a custom-designed home theater

Are you looking for the ultimate home entertainment solution? Even though you enjoy watching movies in the living room, you can have a much better experience with a dedicated home theater. Just imagine it! The sights, sounds, and sensations come together to create an atmosphere that meets or exceeds what you'd find at a movie theater.

But how do you create the perfect home theater? First, it consists of high-quality sound and video equipment that enhances your movie-watching experience. But that's not all. Your home theater design and installation must be performed by a professional home technology company like Hood Branco. Read on to discover a few things you need for a professional home theater installation in your Lake Tahoe, CA, home. 

Finding the Ideal Spot for the Home Theater System

You could create a private cinema in your living room, but is it ideal? Probably not, unless you're looking for a multipurpose media room that's in the main area of your home. Not every room is ideal for home theaters. When you work with Hood Branco, we guide you in selecting the best area for the ultimate theater experience.

The home theater should be a private space for you to escape from the world for a while. By adding soundproofing and acoustic panels, we create the perfect private cinema where you can watch movies, listen to music, and retreat into your favorite media without hearing everything else going on in your house.

Of course, our professional integrators also offer advanced solutions like motorized shades that block out natural lighting, so movie watching becomes a completely immersive experience. 

Choosing the Right Screen Size 

The main attraction of home theater is the big screen. Most homeowners believe that the bigger a screen is, the better it is. But in reality, a wider screen isn't always the right choice.

The best way to determine the perfect screen size is by calculating the distance from the screen to the seating. A shorter distance with a widescreen TV will make you strain your neck to see the full picture. But don't worry, you don't need to perform any complex math problems! We'll do it for you to ensure you have the ideal TV or projector/screen system as well as the best seats in the house. 

The Perfect Seating Arrangement 

How the seats are arranged in your home cinema is crucial. You don't want to block someone else's view, but you still want the perfect spot for watching movies. Hood Branco will set up your theater seating perfectly, so you always get an excellent view of the big screen. From couches and recliners to custom theater seats, we ensure your home theater is the most comfortable and entertaining room in your home.

Are you ready for a home theater installation in your Lake Tahoe, CA, home? Hood Branco offers premium home cinema solutions for homeowners. Get in touch today to start your project. Call us at 855.632.6272 or fill out an easy online contact form for more details. We'll set up the perfect home theater system!

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