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Add Beauty And Benefits To Your Home With Motorized Shades


Reduce Energy Costs, Improve Lighting, And Enhance Any Room

A room without window treatments feels bare and unwelcoming. Shades add the finishing touches – conveying style, ambiance, and even a sense of elegance.

Installing motorized shades furnishes your home with more than fashion; their functional benefits save on energy costs, improve lighting, and add privacy. When integrated into a whole-home automation system, shades allow your home to maintain the balance of beauty and convenience.

Are you looking to add savings and sophistication to your Truckee, CA smart home?  Read below to find out more.


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Tame the Sun

The sun’s natural light has a remarkable impact on your room’s ambiance and even your mood. A room with sunlight feels larger, more inviting, and more welcoming. Science shows that UV light encourages the production of serotonin, the hormone associated with pleasure and happiness. There is also research that links exposure to sunlight with increasing the creation of neural pathways in the brain, promoting focus and better sleep regulation.

Contemporary architecture and interior design heavily favor the use of daylighting. The practice allows more light while opening walls and ceilings to let nature inside, blurring the lines between indoors and out. The result is better lighting that keeps its occupants in tune with circadian rhythms.

While it is clear that the use of natural sunlight in your home improves your wellbeing, too much of a good thing can cause issues. One of the byproducts of light is heat. This is beneficial during the winter months but makes your home uncomfortable, putting stress on your HVAC system in warmer months. Whether triggered by sensors or manually from elegant keypads, motorized shades work seamlessly to maintain just the right amount of light.


Protection and Privacy

The windows in your home furnish the perfect frame to view the sweeping vistas just past your backyard. However, the clarity and openness that allows you to see out also lets in damaging UV light and prying eyes. Your house and its interior spaces should be a refuge, a place to unwind.

Motorized shades provide a balance between exposure to the outside world and security. You dictate the amount of sun entering a room any part of the day, protecting your delicate furnishings and artwork from fading. With the intuitive interface or the sound of your voice, lower the shades in the home theater as the family gathers in their pajamas to watch a movie. Every room in your home can benefit from motorized shades.


Perfect for Your Home

Shades add more than fashion; they minimize energy costs while maximizing natural light in your life. Are you ready to add beauty and smart home automation benefits to your home?  Contact us here or give us a call at (855) 632-6272. We would love to hear from you!

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