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Enjoy More Streaming, Fewer Wires With Our Professional Audio-Video Installation


Simplify Your California Home Entertainment System With Centralized Equipment & Distributed AV 

A good movie always has a great soundtrack. If only life could have a soundtrack, right? You may not be able to make music play in the background everywhere you go, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have your own soundtrack at home. Or at least have music streaming throughout it. With whole-home audio and video installation, you can fill your Truckee home with music and movies any time you want, while keeping unsightly equipment and wires tucked away 

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Compact and Centralized Hub for All Your Equipment 

Installing your own entertainment system is not for the faint at heart. If you're untrained, it can be incredibly daunting. Many homeowners fancy themselves pretty tech-savvy, and even if they managed to get system up and running, they will likely end up with unsightly wires poking out behind consoles and TVs. Even if they manage to wrangle all of them, they’d still have to find surfaces to contain routers, speakers, and cable boxes.  

This takes some imagination and a lot of space that most of us would rather use for other things. With a professional audio-video installation, though, you don't have to worry about devices all over your home. An upscale home audio video system means having all of your equipment in one area, so your AV sources can be distributed throughout your home or wherever you wish to enjoy your mediaNow that everyone is streaming entertainmenta centralized hub with multi-room AV is even more doable!  And with a savvControl4 interface, you can control the video and audio streaming to any room in your home – or even outdoors 
Streaming requires a strong, reliable internet connection. Fortunately, Hood Bronco also specializes in robust networking to ensure a buffer-free viewing or listening experience.  

Focus on Entertainment, Not Devices   

Unless you're a big fan of the cyberpunk aesthetic, you probably don't want to look at a bunch of wires and auxiliary devices when you are trying to enjoy a movie with your family or relax with some music before bed.  We will install all your equipment in one centralized location or closet. This makes it easy to access everything in one spot but also eliminates all the unsightly equipment from your living spaces. What you want is a clean space designed to meet your aesthetic tastes, ideal for streaming your entertainment while blending in with the design of your homeWith a professionally installed system, you can keep all the equipment and wires hidden and out of sight so you can focus on enjoying your favorite picture or music.  


You should be enjoying your favorite entertainment in luxury and ease. Contact your local AV installation pros, Hood Branco Innovationsat 855-632-6272 or reach out to us by filling out our contact page to find out about professional audio video installation. We look forward to hearing from you!  


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