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Top 2 Audio Brands for Your Home Cinema

a surround sound system in a living room

Enhance your movie-watching experience using high-performance home theater speakers from the top brands

Speakers are the core element of home theaters. They breathe life into the scenes you watch and make the visuals more immersive. Without quality sound, the home cinema experience diminishes. 

Typically, a surround sound system is considered the top choice when it comes to home theater speakers. These are a combination of speakers that surrounds the listener from all ends, ultimately creating three-dimensional sound. 

So, which brands offer the best surround sound systems for home theaters? Read on to find our top 2 picks that you can add to your Lake Tahoe, CA, home. 


1. Focal

Focal is one of the most popular audio brands dedicated to producing hi-fi speakers that deliver an immersive experience, meeting the demands of home theaters. 

Focal’s 5.1 home cinema speakers stream high-performance sound with utmost precision. Consequently, the scenes you watch on your TV screen or projector become more captivating. The compact design of the speakers gives them a sleek and modern look, allowing the speakers to be added even in smaller rooms. The unique and stylish design ultimately becomes part of the décor. 

The powerful sound delivers an exceptional listening and movie-watching experience. The satellite speakers are designed for high-fidelity applications, making them a top pick for all audiophiles. You may add the speakers onto walls or ceilings, and they will blend effortlessly without impacting the aesthetics or consuming excessive space. The subwoofers ensure you don’t only watch the scenes but feel every moment of all the action that takes place on the big screen in your home theater. 

2. Sony 

Sony is known for producing some of the best projectors for home theaters. But its advanced technology isn’t only limited to visual elements. Instead, the speakers it offers are of top-tier quality, bringing a cinematic feel to your home. 

The Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers create stunning surround sound systems with your existing speaker setups. That’s right! You don’t need to add an entirely new speaker system. Instead, Sony offers high-performance speakers that can easily be paired with your current surround sound system. 

The sound produced is reflected off walls and ceilings, ultimately delivering 360-degree audio that immerses you in whatever you’re listening to from all angles. The best part of all is that their compact design fits into any space. Whether you want them with your current speakers or install them onto walls, the choice is yours. Most of all, you can stream content at any volume level without experiencing distortion. 

Home theater speakers can make all the difference in your movie-watching experience. Hood Branco is a certified dealer of both Focal and Sony. We can help you upgrade your sound system. Reach out today by calling us at 855.632.6272. Or schedule a consultation with our team by filling out an easy online contact form. 

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