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Music Brings Your House To Life With Whole-Home Audio


Let Your Passion For Music Move You In Any Room, Indoors Or Out

Music is a powerful medium, and it moves us in transformative ways. The impact of melody and rhythm goes beyond just making your foot tap. Music affects every region of your brain, from the language centers to the seat of conceptual thought and perceptions. 

The songs you love can inspire, comfort, and energize you, indoors or outside. A whole-home audio system completely changes the way you experience music in your Granite Bay, CA home.

With high-fidelity distribution, the songs follow you rather than being confined to one room or making you carry an inadequate and tinny-sounding mobile device. By upgrading your system, you can enjoy bass lines you can feel, be enveloped in crisp vocals, and hear a mid-range that undeniably moves you. 

Do the possibilities pique your interest? Continue reading below to find out more! 

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Heard, Not Seen

Whole-home audio involves more than placing a few bookshelf speakers around the house, generating a thin and pale sound that dissipates as you walk by. High-quality in-wall speakers will reproduce every nuance and detail, exceeding your expectations and producing audiophile quality sound that fills the room and your soul. 

The modern smart home is one of clean and sweeping architectural lines. Therefore, traditional speakers and bulky cabinets take up floor space and negatively impact your design motif. You can maintain the look of your rooms and enjoy superior sound by installing ceiling units with paintable grills that mount flush against the wall. In rooms that require no evidence of technology, 'invisible' units mount behind the walls producing the sensation that music is coming from everywhere and nowhere.

Whether you are listening throughout the house, outdoors, or in the spaexpertly installed and calibrated speakers make the most of the room they are in. Every room interacts with sound differently, from the angles of the walls to the decor; all of it colors the audio. We partner with your architects and interior designers to create a properly designed environment that works for you. 


Make The Music Move You

A multiroom sound system provides you with complete control over what plays where. Connect any source to any or all rooms. Add some shimmy to dinner prep, bring ambiance to the get-together outside, or listen to your favorite podcast in the office. 

A world of music is available to you. Create playlists from your curated collections or stream high-definition formats like MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) or FLACC from platforms such as TIDAL, AmazonHD, Spotify, Deezer, Qobuz, and more. 


Get Better Audio Now 

Music makes the world a better place and your home more enjoyable. Are you ready to make a move to better sound everywhere you go? Contact us here or call (855) 632-6272 to start the conversation. We would love to hear from you!

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