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Top Benefits of Motorized Shades in Outdoor Spaces

Screen Innovations motorized shades partially raised on a patio with string lights in the background.

 Add Elegance and Automation to Your Patio or Pool Area with Outdoor Screens

In recent years, creating outdoor living spaces and home entertainment areas has become increasingly common. You can add different entertainment features to your outdoor space that thrill the family and guests alike. But one of the major obstacles that most homeowners face when creating the perfect outdoor space is exposure to changing weather conditions, pests, and other issues.

That's where outdoor shades come in. Outdoor shades act as a protective barrier and offer much more. Read on to learn all the benefits of using motorized shades in your Lake Tahoe, CA, outdoor space. 

Space Utilization 

Expand your living space with the help of outdoor screens. For instance, the patio you enjoy so much? You can make it even better with motorized shades. Weatherproof outdoor screens create "walls" that allow you to take the entertainment outside without worrying about the weather, bugs, or debris. In fact, you can even extend your heating and cooling system into the space to make it more comfortable.  

Protection from Elements

Outdoor shades act as a shield for your outdoor living area. Instead of dealing with the changing weather conditions such as rain, wind, and scorching heat, you can lower the shades and keep the weather elements at bay. Moreover, outdoor screens also provide UV protection of your patio furniture. Constant exposure to UV rays can damage the furniture and even cause discoloration. But outdoor screens have a UV protective finish that blocks the heat and radiation.

Energy Efficiency  

Enjoy the changing seasons – spring, summer, fall, and winter – using your shading system to ensure a beautiful space, while making it more energy-efficient as well. During the hot weather, the shades can be lowered to block the heat. On the other hand, during colder days, the shades can be raised, allowing sunlight to stream in, warming the space.  

Aesthetics & Automation  

Another benefit of outdoor shades is their aesthetics. Most manufacturers provide a wide range of color and design options for the shades. You can choose the ones that blend seamlessly with your home's décor to boost the aesthetics.

Best of all, it's so easy to control your shades. Simply use your smartphone or tablet. It offers simplified control, making it the perfect solution for smart homes. While enjoying time on the patio, a single tap of your fingers can lower or raise the shades, as well as adjust any other smart technology in your home.

Are you ready to add motorized shades to your smart home in Lake Tahoe, CA? Hood Branco offers the best outdoor solutions to homeowners. Get in touch with us today to start your project. You can call us at 855.632.6272 or fill out an easy online contact form to get more details. 

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