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Make Any Room A Home Theater


How an Expert Design and Installation Can Bring A Better Viewing Experience to Any Room of Your House    

Movies are a major part of our entertainment; they transport us to different times and places. Films can also move us in unexpected ways, allowing us to see the world through another’s eyes, changing our perspective forever.

As we’re currently spending more time at home, engaging content has become even more essential.  And the spaces you watch movies in should immerse you with superior video and sound that draws you into action on the screen. While a dedicated theater room is one option, the sights and sounds of a home theater installation can be enjoyed in nearly any room of the house.

Want to find out how any room in your Granite Bay, CA home can be a home theater? Read more below. 

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Any Room

A fully dedicated home theater room does bring all the ambiance and allure of the cinema experience. It can be awe-inspiring to revel in the action while recumbent in your theater seats, the sound rumbling through you. The truth is that with a well-designed audio-video system and network, any room in the house can deliver the experience of a home theater, whether that’s the family room, media room, or even in the bedroom.

Bright and Bold

One of the most striking components of a home theater is the visually stunning video, which immerses you into the action. Flat-panel LED, and OLED TVs produce astonishingly clear 4K ultra-high-definition images, with millions of pixels and an infinite spectrum of colors. With high dynamic range (HDR), the blacks are blacker, the whites brighter, and the contrast generates more hues. 

As the video is front and center, a range of monitors can fit your room while maximizing the screen impact. Monitors up to 98” with nearly invisible bezels and adaptive software fill the screen and the room. Regardless if you are watching in the game room or the family den, you can have a bright and bold picture that rivals your local multiplex.

The Right Sound

It has been said that a good movie can be followed even if the audio were to go missing. While this may be true, sound is a crucial element of any film. Many speaker systems generate the same surround sound quality of larger systems in a more compact arrangement. 

The audio need not come from speakers mounted up front; in fact, they can be invisible to the eye, preserving the architectural elements and decor. As part of the whole-home audio system, the flush mount and behind-the-wall units produce room-filling sound that rivals more complex setups.  You can get the same body shaking, enveloping sound just in a more relaxed and accommodating room.

Control and Comfort

A smart home makes the control of your any room home theater a snap. Set the audio levels, bring down the lights, and set the temperature for maximum comfort.  A home theater installation need not be restricted to one room; make every space with a TV a cinematic escape.      


Interested in making any room in your house a home theater experience?  Our expert designers and technicians can make it happen! Contact us here or give us a call at (855) 632-6272. We would love to hear from you! 

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