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Why Your Home Networking System Needs an Update


Go from a Sluggish Network to One That’s Super Fast

Your family lives in a hardwired and Wi-Fi world. Nearly every technology you operate – your TVs, phones, and computers – depends on a high-performing home network. As technology marches on, and you add smarter devices to your life, you may not realize your home network needs to be updated as well. Having a robust home networking system is particularly crucial if you have a smart home in Lake Tahoe, CA.

Don’t let a sluggish and unreliable network become the bane of your existence. Hood Branco Innovations uses state-of-the-art and reliable technologies that give your network super-sonic speed. Read more to see how you can get the best connection possible.

Enhance Your Bandwidth and Speed

Whether you’re watching TV, browsing social media, hosting a video conference call, or doing work on the computer, few things are more frustrating than network problems. Whatever you’re doing, you need a network that doesn’t lag, buffer, or cut out completely. These days, with so many people working from home, it’s more important than ever to have a reliable and fast home network.

When problems occur, homeowners usually call their internet service provider. Then, the ISP sends a technician to your home to install a new router. Guess what happens? Nothing. And even if there is a marginal boost in network performance, it’s not enough to make a big difference. Hood Branco Innovations does much more than replace routers and modems. We install state-of-the-art Control4 networking products to ensure a fast, reliable, and robust network. The goal is to boost download and upload speeds while increasing network bandwidth to accommodate multiple systems and devices.

After the update, your home will handle all your networking needs without a glitch. No buffering when watching a super-high-definition movie in your home theater. No glitches when accessing the security system. No lags at all when browsing your computer or mobile phone. A strong home network makes home automation smart and seamless.

From a Basic Internet Plan to a Big Boost in Mbps

Is your ISP giving you the Mbps you need? Probably not. Most basic plans support about 12 devices at a time. Even then, when they’re all in use, your network connection could suffer. Twelve devices may sound like a lot, but in truth, it’s not. The average family has approximately 40 connected in their home. With all of those devices competing for attention, it’s no wonder you’re having problems. Your system simply doesn’t have enough bandwidth to handle the traffic – especially if you live in a smart home.

Even if you improve the upload and download speeds, it still might not address the problem. For instance, if a wireless device is several rooms away from your router, it could still have a poor connection. Setting up wireless access points addresses the issue. They boost the signal from the router, so you'll have a strong signal no matter how far away the device is.


The ideal solution is to reach out to Hood Branco Innovations, Inc. for home network services. We install everything from network switches, cables, wireless access points, and routers to full-scale home networking products.

Ready to find out how to boost your connection? Let Hood Branco Innovations, Inc. assess your needs and design a strong and reliable system. Put a robust network in place by calling us at (855) 632-6272 or using our contact form.

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